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Quarterly and annual payment plans, and scholarships, are available.

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All programs and courses at The Ifá College & Learning Center have a flat rate.  We do offer payment options: One-time full payment, Monthly, Or Quarterly Charges.

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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions about enrolling in our courses and programs.  You may also email us. 

The flexibility of online classes can be extremely helpful to busy professionals and students.  It’s up to you to avoid distractions and keep yourself on track.

Your online courses will be accessible through your personal computer or tablet.  Having a reliable internet connection and operating system is also crucial to staying on top of your work. 

All candidates for admission to Ifá College must show evidence of commitment to the Òrìṣà & Ifá Tradition, belief, practice and dedication to the principles of ìwàpẹ̀lẹ́. If you are under the age of 18 you must have parental consent on file before beginning any class or program.  The primary language of the courses and program is English.  

Yes you may take multiple courses at a time as long as any course prerequisite has been met. Please see each course and program for details.

Send us an email. We will work with you to find the source of the issue. You may use PayPal as well.