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Fundamentals Of Healthy Eating

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The Fundamentals Of Healthy Eating

Instructor: Dr. Akua Woolbright

Akua Woolbright, Ph.D. is an expert in plant-based nutrition who specializes in teaching people how to use foods to prevent and reverse disease, reduce medications, lose weight, feel more energetic, and live longer healthier lives.

Dr. Akua began her career with Whole Foods Market in 2009 when she joined the corporate office in Austin, TX to help create and launch the company’s signature healthy eating program. She is currently the National Nutrition Program Director for Whole Cities Foundation, the third foundation of Whole Foods Market.

Dr. Woolbright is also an adjunct nutrition professor at Everglades University, the Board President of the Detroit People’s Food Co-op, a member of the Detroit Food Policy Council, a board member of the Food Co-op Initiative, and a certified Reiki Master.

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The Mantra of Healthy Eating: By taking the simple “Whole foods, plant-based” mantra to heart, you’ll have a touchstone that will never let you down. See you in class to show how and why this mantra is important to your everyday health.

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