Submit your general application to the Ifa College in order to complete your course and receive your certificate of completion.  

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 The Ifá College & Learning Center is an on-demand Orisa school of study.  There are various levels and types of courses and programs.  Below is our general application form.  You may be contacted to submit your priesthood or initiation certificates in order to be admitted into higher-level courses and programs.

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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions about application process within the Ifa College.  You may also email us. 

Anyone who is 18 years and older exhibits the passion, commitment, exhibits and lives a life of Iwa-Pele and striving to be Omoluabi.  Parents or legal guardians may enroll their children into our family level courses. 

Yes & No. Our general courses are open to the uninitiated. You may be curious about the Orisa tradition and just want to acquire more knowledge.  There are certain courses that are limited to initiated persons or have prerequisites.   Our Level 1 courses are open to everyone. 

You may start your course without completing the application but you will not be invited to the course discussion platform , risk potential removal from the course, and you will not receive your certificate of completion. 

No. Due to the proprietary nature of the information contained in the courses they are not refundable.